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At Saltmarsh, we strive to fully understand your personal situation and build a customized solution to help you reach your goals. To create a solid financial plan, we start by developing a clear understanding of your goals and objectives. We utilize technology to assist our clients in making more informed decisions. We then implement and maintain the recommendations, meeting regularly to ensure the plan remains consistent with your needs.


Our investment management process begins with discussing your individual investment objectives, risk tolerance and investment time horizon. We use this information to build a low-cost, tax-efficient investment portfolio reviewed on a quarterly basis to ensure alignment with your goals and personal circumstances. The individual cash flow needs of our clients is also considered as part of the management process. Real cash flow management includes understanding your ongoing income needs, retirement account distributions and the appropriate investment options for cash balances.


Taxes can be a complex challenge for any individual. We work with our team of Saltmarsh tax advisors to ensure that tax consequences are minimized through appropriate planning. We believe every investment decision is also a tax decision; therefore, we focus on utilizing tax-efficient investments with low turnover and structure your portfolio to reduce the overall tax impact.


When the time comes, an effective estate plan should protect your family and carry out your wishes, even after you’re gone. Our advisors have years of experience in successfully assisting in the development of estate plans, and we can help coordinate with other required experts such as attorneys, CPAs, and other trusted counsel if needed.

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