The Difference the Right Financial Advisor Makes

11/20/2023 - By Dimensional Fund Advisors

A financial advisor can provide the perspective investors need to tune out the daily noise and stay focused on a long-term plan.

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Scary Stories: Imposter Fraud (Webinar On Demand)

11/15/2023 - By Saltmarsh Financial Advisors

Webinar On Demand! In 2022, 2.4 million consumers reported losing money to fraud – totaling nearly $8.8 billion in lost wealth. The most prevalent was imposter fraud. Watch this webinar for a short storytelling of imposter fraud stories and learn the best practices to protect you and your family’s wealth.

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Is a Yield Curve Inversion Bad for Stock Returns?

10/31/2023 - By Dimensional Fund Advisors

Many investors see yield curve inversions—when short-term bond yields exceed long-term yields—as foreboding. Do they signal a stock market downturn? Data from the US and other major economies show yield curve inversions have not historically predicted equity market downturns. As markets incorporate news and events around the world, bond yields change, which causes yield curves to change. Historically, the US Treasury yield curve has generally been upward-sloping; however, during several periods, the curve inverted. What can we learn from these examples?

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What's Happening at Saltmarsh

The Atlanta Experience: Shareholder Retreat 2023 Recap

11/17/2023 - By Nancy Patton

In October, our shareholders stepped away from the office to enjoy a refreshing dose of camaraderie and strategic planning with the future in focus at our annual Shareholder Retreat in the vibrant city of Atlanta! The timing couldn't have been better, as the crisp autumn air welcomed our team and served as the perfect transition into fall. Over four days, our shareholder group engaged in meaningful conversations and generated innovative ideas that will shape the future of our firm.

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Sarah Oliver Graduates From ConvergenceCoaching's 'Transformational Leadership Program'

10/05/2023 - By Gabby Symons

We are proud to share that senior manager, Sarah Oliver, CRCM, is a part of ConvergenceCoaching’s 2022-2023 Summer Transformational Leadership Program™ (TLP) graduating class!

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Saltmarsh Hosts 18th Annual BankTalk

09/18/2023 - By Nancy Patton

Our 18th annual community bank event, BankTalk, in Tampa, brought together over 100 community bankers and subject matter experts to discuss the challenges facing the industry and also opportunities from technology and innovation to shape the future of the industry. This year's BankTalk is something to rave about, and if you missed out, don't worry – we're here to take you on an exclusive journey through the highlights! 

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